National Vitamin ‘A’ campaign kicks off, to continue tomorrow

The two-day Vitamin ‘A’ capsule and deworming tablet administration program to children up to five years of age kicked off Friday.

Under the campaign, children from six months to five years are administrated Vitamin ‘A’ capsules and those children above one year to five years are given additional deworming (albandazole) tablets.

Similarly, the arm circumference of children is also measured simultaneously.

The program remains as one of the highly prioritized events of the Ministry of Health and Population.

According to the Nutrition Section, the Department of Health Services, (approximately) 2,768,540 children from six months to five years of age are to be administered Vitamin ‘A’ supplements and 2,356,843 are given the deworming tablets. The program covers 41 districts.

The measurement of the arm circumference is for knowing about nutritional status of a child.

Following the implementation of federalism in the country, such programs are being conducted by local levels.

Some 60,000 volunteers and health workers have been mobilized in 36,000 booths to conduct the campaign.

The deficiency of Vitamin ‘A’ causes several sorts of health issues including night blindness, measles, diarrhea; chronic malnutrition and skin diseases on children.

The administration of Vitamin ‘A’ supplements is helpful for prevention of such health problems, contributing to the child’s physical development and an increase of immune system.

Similarly, the government is distributing Balvita (additional vitamin supplement) for those children at risk of malnutrition.

The nationwide campaign is conducted twice in a year – Baisakh 6-7 and Kattik 2-3 in the Nepali calendar every year.



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