SC refuses to register writ against appointment of Dhakal in High Court

The Supreme Court (SC) has refused to register a writ petition brought against appointment of the then district judge Lekh Nath Dhakal to the High Court.

Umesh Baniya of Kavrepalanchowk district had argued that Dhakal does not deserve to be a High Court justice claiming the latter had taken a bribe of Rs 1.80 million from him.

The petition was brought on Monday and the SC has refused to register it on Thursday.

Baniya had also complained against Dhakal with the Judicial Council claiming that Dhakal had forced him to pay a bribe of Rs 1.80 million while overseeing a case about black-marketing of petroleum products when Dhakal was a district judge in Kavrepalanchowk. Baniya has added that Dhakal first sent him to custody and then demanded bribe.

Baniya had gone to the SC saying the Judicial Council made Dhakal a High Court justice instead of punishing him for that.

The SC, on the other hand, has explained that the petition was not registered as the Judicial Council has already investigated the complaint against Dhakal and kept it on hold in February.

The Judicial Council on April 2 had appointed 18 including Dhakal as High Court justices.



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