Govt stops students not passing 12th grade from studying abroad

The government will not allow students to study bachelor’s abroad before completing the 12th grade.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has stopped granting permission after students started to seek no objection certificate (NOC) to study in Bangladesh, Australia, Japan, America and other countries after passing the Secondary Education Examinations (SEE).

“Only those who have passed the 12th grade will be given NOC from now onward,” Under Secretary at the ministry Maheshwore Sharma said.

The ministry has decided that secondary level includes up to the 12th grade and only those who want to pursue higher education after completing secondary education will be given permission. “11th and 12th grades were also considered higher education earlier and NOC was issued. But the Constitution and education act has already specified that school education continues up to the 12th grade. One cannot receive NOC before completing the 12th grade now,” he elaborated.

Students  need NOC for permission to study abroad and exchange foreign currency.

“We can issue NOC even for those who have passed only SEE in special cases if the family is abroad and one has compulsion to study there after recommendation of the Foreign Ministry or embassies,” he stated.

He clarified that the students who want to study bachelor’s, master’s and PhD will easily get an NOC.

Over 70,000 students went abroad for further study, most of them to study medicine, in the last fiscal year after getting NOC.



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