Six killed after consuming wild mushroom

The number of people died after consuming wild mushroom in Nisdi rural municipality has reached six.

Eleven people of Sarkidanda at the rural municipality had fallen ill after eating the curry made of poisonous mushroom last Friday. Among them, nine-year-old Nirmala Singh Thakuri, four-year-old Bishnu Singh Thakuri, seven-year-old Suman Singh Thakuri, Nisha Singh Thakuri, Niruta Singh Thakuri and 45-year-old Puran Khamcha have died, Federal Parliament member Dal Bahadur Rana said.

Nirmala died while undergoing treatment at Madhyabindu Hospital, Nawalparasi while Bishnu died at the Purano Medical College, Bhratpur. Four other died while receiving treatment at various hospitals in Kathmandu.

Eighty-year-old Prem Singh Thakuri has returned home after treatment while 36-year-old Chna Kumari Khamcha, her daughter Bimala, 15; Dan Maya Singh Thakuri, 30 and Dhan Kumari Singh are receiving treatment in the ICU.

Those falling sick and the dead are members of four families at Sarkidanda which lies 70 kilometers east of Tansen, the district headquarters.

Lawmaker Rana said initiatives are underway to provide free medical treatment to the sick people of the families who cannot afford to pay the medical bill and relief assistance to the families of the victims. He said he met with the Acting Prime Minister Ishwor Pokharel in this connection Friday.



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