Alternative new road dismantled in protest

A road with wall leading to Kashyapeswor Mahadev Temple via Dedithumka Campus based in Mandaldeupur municipality-7 was dismantled in protest.

The road was built to use as an alternative route from Kuntabasi when there was huge pressure of vehicles on Helambu Highway and to reach to the temple.

Leaders and cadres of Nepali Congress (NC) fell apart the new structure in protest of defying the agreement made earlier.

NC Deupur President Ramhari Sapkota said they dismantled the structures arguing that the alternative road was not appropriate there. “We had been obstructing the road as it has put in mess a water pond and the route used for the movement of Kiriyaputri”, Sapkota said.

“They had promised to build road and steps but there is no any action to that end”, he clarified. Sapkota however claimed that the new structure was dismantled on the presence of ward chair Narayan Lamsal.



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