It’s just line, not congestion up there: Govt task force on Mt Everest

The task force formed by the government following global criticism after death of mountaineers while climbing Mt Everest has claimed there is no to congestion up there.

The task force formed under Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ghanashyam Upadhyaya has concluded that congestion up there could not be proved by any way.

“We did not find any evidence of congestion there, and that resulting in death of mountaineers,” Upadhyaya told Setopati. “It was just a line, not congestion.”

He argued that the death rate of 0.004 percent on the day of ascent refutes the claims attributing deaths to congestion. He added that there is a large line of mountaineers as the window for ascent is very small due to inclement weather conditions.

A total of 15 mountaineers had died, and two are still missing, while trying to ascend the Mt Everest during the spring season of 2019.



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