Construction of suspension bridge in dilemma in lack of India’s permission

Construction work of a suspension bridge over Mahakali river at Pancheshwor of Baitadi district has not moved ahead due to dillydallying of the Indian side.

Although contract was signed for construction of the bridge around one year ago, the construction work of the bridge has not moved ahead after the Indian side did not issue permission for the same.

The locals, who were very happy with the contract agreement thinking they would get rid from risk of traveling on boat after the construction of the bridge, are now disheartened with the dillydallying of the Indian side.

The contract was signed to construct 124-meter long suspension bridge at the cost of Rs 13.3 million. Project Chief of Suspension Bridge Division, Guru Prasad Sharma, said that although they have received no objection letter from the central government, they have to get permission from the provincial government for the same.



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