On being 18

-Sakshi Paudel

All-stakeholders' meeting put off

The major political parties have put off the all-stakeholders' meeting slated for Tuesday after the Mohan Baidya-led CPN-Maoist backtracked from its earlier commitment.MORE



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  • The entire nation celebrated Janmashtami. It is natural to remember Kurukshetra when we remember Lord Krishna.

    Narendra Modi
  • People affected by Sunkoshi landslide going through tremendous psychological pressure- Need to provide Psychological First Aid.

    Tara Adhikari
  • Pashupati's way of differentiating between Hindus and non-Hindus is totally anachronistic, arbitrary and absurd. Everyone must be allowed in.

    Kunda Dixit
  • We want & welcome Indian investment. But don't want to see Nepali people cheated & only a fistful of Nepali leaders gain during the process

    Nepali Journalists
  • Wondering why Finance Minister (Dr @ramsmahat) increased the registration cost of motorbikes. Is it because he drives an expensive 4WD?

    Nepali Journalists
  • India budget of INR 37,880 crore for highways good for subcontinent as a whole. But it could spur further exploitation of Nepal's Chure/Siwalik.

    Kanak Mani Dixit
  • Symbolism as important as substance in loud and melodramatic democracies like India - National Symbols / Like Unity/Patel Memorial important

    Samir Saran
  • When will our newsrooms realize they can control google ads? "meet pretty girls" ads are a bit distasteful next to a sexual violence story.

    Paavan Mathema
  • The announcement of Sushma's visit to Nepal may activate lobbyists of 'Hindu Rastra' and Monarchy. She would do well to ignore them.

    SD Muni
  • While preparing to visit Nepal next month Modi must restrain BJP's Hindutva forces who are promising the revival of Hindu Rastra & Monarchy.

    SD Muni
  • The Maoist defeat proves yet again their 2008 victory was a fluke- coupled with their intimidation & people's desire 4 peace.

    Nepali Journalists
  • After reading @setopati report of Rahman one can easily say its had been done to terrorize common civilian. Is police going for vendetta?

    Pramod Bhagat
  • "The only way to bring about the leveling of caste is to appropriate the culture, the education which is the strength of the higher castes. That done, you have what you want." -Vivekananda

    Nilambar Acharya
  • Politics prevails over national interest again. Opposition obstructed budget session second day also.

    Ram Sharan Mahat
  • In most authoritarian regimes - military or otherwise - the first chop falls on media. Happened in #Nepal, happening in Thailand.

    Damakant Jayshi



  • Building national infrastructure in radiation safety: The first steps Building national infrastructure in radiation safety: The first steps

    It has become essential for the government to initiate the collection and hence preservation of data related to radiation health professionals, equipment related to diagnostic and radio therapy and organize training, workshop, radiation safety awareness programs and to come up with a long-term plan to ensure radiation safety in Nepal.

    Suresh Poudel

  • Peace disrupted in Shanti Vatika should not be forgotten Peace disrupted in Shanti Vatika should not be forgotten

    Just because a group of strong headed youth belonging to a certain Vaidanik Sanatan Hindu Rastra Nepal decided to harass a group of youth belonging to another ideology and label them as anti-Hindus or foreign agents does not mean that it reflects the psychology of the Nepali people in general.

    Namrata Sharma


  • On being 18 On being 18

    It’s all my misfortune that I’ve already grown. Grown to be 18. I successfully completed 6,570 days of my life.

    Sakshi Paudel

  • Power of Appreciation Power of Appreciation

    After that day, whenever I feel low, I just take a Walk of Thanks. I reel gratitude for every small pleasures that I have. I thank them for making my day as good as it has to be.

    Pritisha Pandey

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