Leadership debate overshadows ideology in UML.

Despite their repeated commitment to end factionalism, the leaders of ruling CPN (UML) are likely to split at least into two separate panels for the leadership election in the forthcoming general conventions. MORE



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  • First piece of good political news from Nepal in a while. CA-2 has owned up all the achievements, agreements of the last CA.

    Prashant Jha
  • Love it here in Nepal!! So relaxing and enlightening to learn about this culture and city!

    Sunny Leone
  • There's a helicopter that's raining down marigolds on streets for a Shivaratri procession .. and i'm not even kidding.. Strange things happen in Kathmanduuuuuuuu!!!

    Ujjwala Maharjan
  • 7th Falgun is d most importnt event in Nepal that marks nt only an end of feudal rule but d begining of modern pol n economic institutions.

    Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat ‏
  • Our policymakers have worm in their brain and cancer in their guts. People are dying in road and air.

    Brabim Karki
  • Schools must encourage our children to be innovative. To be rebellious. To challenge. So in future they become job creators, not job seekers.

    Shekhar Kapur
  • Crash is a tragedy and i really do not need a tweet lesson right now!! What is important to note is "why has EU banned our aircrafts?"

    Hima Bista
  • Agreement reached for Dr Govinda KC to end fasting.Govt has already fulfilled his key demands and on way to adressing others.

    Ram Sharan Mahat
  • I also accept the possibility that NC might have misled UML. BUT why so much fuss on the ministry and Bamdev?

  • Constitution is the priority,the bigger should be more flexible,do you think it matters who ever have home pirtfolio?A or B same

    Prenit Pokharel
  • In his first act in capacity of TU chancellor PM SK directed TU VC to appoint seniomost prof as. IOM dean.

    Ram Sharan Mahat
  • Congratulations to the people of #Nepal on your election of a new Prime Minister.

    Peter W Bode
  • I convey my best wishes for your success, your personal health and well being and peace and prosperity for the people of Nepal: PM

    Man Mohan Singh
  • The big question is how long the new government will last. There are many ready with new daura-suruwals waiting in line.

    Govinda Bhattarai
  • Susil Koirala's candidature for PM seconded by K.P Oli. CA Speaker will be from UML side.

    Ram Sharan Mahat



  • TRC: Let’s not make it Damocles’ sword TRC: Let’s not make it Damocles’ sword

    If we form the much-awaited TRC ignoring the decisions of the Supreme Court and international jurisprudence on amnesty and reconciliation, the issue will continue to dangle like a Damocles’ sword and haunt the country for several years. It can suddenly reemerge as happened in Argentina, Guatemala, Cambodia, and recently in Bangladesh. So, it is prudent not to repeat the mistakes that have already been committed elsewhere. It has led to dire consequences.

    Mandira Sharma

  • An open letter to the people of India on the Kashmir issue An open letter to the people of India on the Kashmir issue

    Today, Kashmir stands as a potential nuclear flashpoint which could consume the lives of millions of people in an instant. Along with your votes, give your elected leadership the task of resolving the Kashmir Issue once and for all.


  • To our Politicians, with love To our Politicians, with love

    After this incident, we were all forced to leave our hometown the threat of death and bombs began to pour in. Nearly a decade later, while the culprits walk free, we live our life in constant fear and remorse. Make no mistake we are still looking for answers. And this is just one story of the thousands of extra-judicial killings and disappearances which took place during the conflict years by both sides.

    Sandip Gurung

  • Hats off to every girl! Hats off to every girl!

    Nowadays, women do a job, and earn for themselves and even for the family. But when a woman gets promotion, she is accused of getting it by seducing the boss. Instead of praising her capabilities, people question her character. I feel it is pitiful; we are members of this society. We are not sure how to break these gender stereotypes.

    Seema Adhikari

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