22% Dalit representation in local levels

The Dalit representation in the local levels in the country stands at 22 percent, Jagaran Media Center, an NGO working for the Dalit rights and empowerment, has stated.

This information was given out by Center chairperson Rem Bahadur Bishwakarma while speaking at a news conference organized here on Wednesday. Bishwakarma said that 737 of the 35,041 people’s representatives elected to the 753 local levels were from the Dalit community.

He said although the Dalits’ representation in the local levels was satisfactory, it was not in the meaningful positions.

“Although this level of representation has created a political space for the Dalit community, it was far from being inclusive,” Bishwakarma said and underlined the need for the State and other auxiliary bodies to take initiatives towards promoting the environment in which the representatives from the Dalit and other minority communities can play an effective role in the local government.



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