Birgunj shut down demanding it be made capital as first provincial assembly meeting is held in Janakpur

Birguj has been shut down on Sunday demanding it  be made Province 2 capital even as the first provincial assembly meeting of the province is being convened in Janakpur later on the day.

SP of Parsa Ganesh Regmi said there have been demonstrations but no unfortunate incident has been reported yet. Protest programs including hunger strikes have been held in Birgunj even earlier demanding it be made the provincial capital.

The government has selected Janakpur as the temporary capital of Province 2. The first meeting of the provincial assembly has to be convened in the temporary capital. The permanent capital will be selected by the provincial assembly with two/third majority.

There were protests even in Dhankuta, Dang and Dipayal demanding they be made the capital of their respective provinces but the protest programs there have been withdrawn in the recent days.



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