100-day action plan will be unveiled soon: Minister Aangbo

Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of Province no 1 Indra Bahadur Aangbo has said that the provincial government would move ahead in a planned manner to make this province prosperous.

Speaking at a news conference organized by Sanchar Club at Urlabari Wednesday, Minister Aangbo said the provincial government has been making preparation to unveil 100-day action plan soon. He added that the government would bring the programs that would address the issues related livelihood of the people and good governance.

The Economic Affairs Minister said that the provincial government would move ahead along with a strategic plan for the modernization of the agriculture and development of tourism sector.

Saying people are now complaining about misuse of rights given to the local level, he said, “Now the provincial government will monitor the local-level.”

Minister Aangbo said that the cabinet of Province no 1 would be expanded within a week and added that party unification between the CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) would be announced within last week of March.



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