Amargadhi municipality yet to set up all its ward offices

The Amargadhi municipality in Dadeldhura district has not been able to set up all the municipality ward offices despite the passage of nine months since the local level elections were held.

The municipality has not been able to institute the ward offices for lack of physical infrastructure and employees. It has set up only the ward offices for ward 7 and 10 and it is yet to set up the offices for remaining nine municipal wards.

Since the municipal wards lack offices, the Ward Chairpersons of some of these wards have been doing the day-to-day administrative works of their respective wards and providing services to the service-seekers from their homes, carrying all the official papers, files, documents, office stamps and other paraphernalia in their bags.

The service-seekers have to go to the municipality office based in the district headquarters itself if they have to have special official works done. So, they have been facing inconvenience as they have to travel to the district headquarters to get their work done.

This is time consuming and also costly for the service-seekers as the municipality office is crowded with service-seekers. Sometimes it takes a whole day to get a recommendation letter from the Ward Office, the service-seekers complained.



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