Former speakers for one-third female representation in CC of CPN

We will have to talk annoyingly otherwise: Binda Pandey

Former speakers and CPN leaders Subas Chandra Nembang and Onsari Gharti Magar have said there should be one-third female representation in the central committee of CPN.

Gharti Magar said the party should not violate the law drafted by the lawmakers including those from CPN. “There is legal provision requiring 33 percent female representation in the central committee during party registration.

Nobody, including the party, is above the law,” she told Setopati. “Women may not oppose violation of the provision. But the Election Commission (EC) must get it implemented.”

Prime Minister (PM) and CPN Chairman KP Sharma Oli on Thursday had instructed the central members to not raise the issue of one-third female representation in the central committee under the influence of NGOs. Oli had also instructed them to not talk annoyingly about the issue.

“He is our leader. We utter whatever he teaches. He may well have taught us to talk annoyingly,” she sarcastically responded to Oli’s comments.

Another former speaker Nembang also said he is for adequate female representation and claimed that the party is currently discussing the issue.

Nembang, however, refused to respond to PM Oli’s comments. “I cannot publicly speak on the comments of chairman. You can’t even ask,” he said.

Article 15(4) of the Act about Political Parties requires one-third female representation in party committees at all levels. But there are only 77 women in the 441-strong central committee of CPN now which is just over 17 percent.
Central member Binda Pandey was the first to raise the issue. There was widespread condemnation of under-representation of women in the central committee of CPN leading to the instruction of PM Oli.

Pandey opined that voices should be strongly raised for female participation instead of responding to PM Oli’s comments.

She also expressed hope that the leadership will take corrective measures as questions have been raised at the start of registration process. She added that the party should not be registered if the leaders do not take corrective measures to ensure one-third representation.

“There are only men in the core team for selection of central members. They are, therefore, not sensitive to the issue of one-third female representation. We cannot negotiate inside the party. We will, therefore, put pressure by speaking publicly like now,” she added. “The EC should not register the party without one-third female representation even if the leaders don’t correct. We will talk annoyingly otherwise.”

CPN, meanwhile, has found a way to get the party registered without one-third female representation, according to a leader.

The EC had registered parties that contested the recent elections on the condition that they will ensure one-third female representation after their respective general convention.

The election was announced suddenly, and there was no way the parties could hold their general convention before the election to ensure one-third female representation.

The leader revealed that the party has reached a conclusion that it can be registered on the basis of that precedence with a pledge to ensure one-third female representation after the general convention of the unified party.



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