UML obstruction to national unity and prosperity: NC manifesto

Nepali Congress (NC) has blasted CPN-UML in its manifesto for the upcoming federal and provincial elections calling the main opposition party an obstruction to national unity and prosperity.

“UML, which has been calling the Madhes movement a movement of disintegration and making snide remarks at Madhesi people, has been falling in the trap of extremism and fake nationalism,” NC has said in its manifesto.

It has claimed that obstruction of peaceful and middle way of constitution amendment, and efforts to forge a UML-led left alliance for a single party autocratic rule have been putting achievements of the new constitution, economic progress, national unity and social harmony under risk.

NC has also accused that UML and CPN (Maoist) have proven to be parties that institutionalize corruption in a planned manner. “UML has been losing its political character and has been transforming into a commercial organization that invests in hospitals, medical colleges, hydropower projects, industries, housing and banking sectors, operates NGOs, cooperatives through its cadres and leaders who pay levy and its sister organizations,” the manifesto accuses.



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