Voters will not get 3 ballots simultaneously

Next ballot will be provided only after dropping one in the box

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The Election Commission (EC) is not distributing all three ballots to the voters at the same time during the Election Day.

The Commission is using three separate ballots for the upcoming election. It has managed three ballots including two for both elections of House of Representatives and State Assemblies under FPTP system and the third under PR electoral system.

The EC will first distribute the ballot for House of Representatives under FPTP system.  The election staffers deployed in the respective voting centers will later provide another ballot once the voter casts his/her vote for House of Representatives under FPTP system. This will be the ballot for the provincial election under FPTP system.

Voters will finally receive the third ballot under the PR electoral system once they cast the second vote. They have to use stamps at two places as the same ballot will be used for House of Representatives and State Assemblies under PR system.

The stamp used at the upper part of the ballot will be counted for House of Representatives under PR system whereas the stamp at lower part will be counted as the provincial election under PR system. The EC has mobilized three different election staffers for distribution of ballots at each polling station. Earlier, the Commission had designed only two ballots for the election.

The Commission will mobilize additional one staffer. All the ballots will be signed by the single voter officer. Following the Supreme Court’s order for three ballots for the upcoming elections, additional 20,000 office-bearers will be deployed in the voting centers.

The Commission had fixed around 19,809 voting centers. At least 5 to 15 election staffers will be deployed in each voting centers keeping the voters’ numbers in mind.

According to EC spokesperson Nawaraj Dhakal, additional one staffer will be deployed in each 19,809 voting center. These additional staffers will help distribute the ballots to voters.



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