Candidates’ stunts in fields

As the election of the House of Representatives and State Assemblies is approaching, most of the candidates are using social media as a tool to ask for votes.

Some candidates have reached fields and help the voters in their works. Some are engaged in harvesting the paddy crops wearing garlands.

All these photos posted in the social media by the candidates seem merely a stunt.

CPN-UML candidate for the House of Representative from Lalitpur Nawaraj Silwal has recently posted a photo in social media in which he was cutting paddy plants. Silwal was in a shirt and pants, and wearing a pair of leather shoes. He seems to be election advertiser rather than a farmer.

Meanwhile, Lalit Shrestha, a candidate from Morang contesting State Assemblies election, too posted a photo of him in which he was cutting paddy plants. He was wearing a garland at the time.

Some have placed voters’ hands on their heads. Baglung candidate Devendra Poudel was seen with a woman,who was carrying a bag, placing her hands on his head.

Similarly, UML candidate Gokarna Bista was holding a meeting in a field where farmers were harvesting crops.

Leaders, who seemed to be so busy for asking votes, are now found in the fields of voters, which is apparently a stunt for the upcoming election.



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