Left alliance triggers tremor in NC: KC

Chairman of Rastriya Jana Morcha Chitra Bahadur KC has said that the coming together of the left political parties including the CPN-UML and the CPN (Maoist Center) has brought a big tremble in the Nepali Congress.

Addressing an election campaign rally in Chandrauta on Monday, he accused the Nepali Congress of cultivating misconception by saying that the left alliance would impose authoritarianism in the country.

KC, who is also the former Deputy Prime Minister, argued that the Nepali people who brought the republic after abolishing the Rana oligarchy and the monarchy would also not tolerate the supposed authoritarianism that the communists will introduce. So he urged the Nepali Congress not to worry about it.

He added that this kind of tittle-tattle has been spread by the party that is habituated to power and ‘take undue benefit from the government’ out of fear that it would not be in a position to form a government if the left alliance wins the elections with majority votes.

KC, who is opposed to federalism, reiterated that federalism will not do any good to the country.



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