Eight-year-old girl in Khotang raped before murder, police say

An eight-year-old girl of Rupakot Majhuwagadhi municipality-10 in Khotang, whose body was retrieved few days ago as it was buried on a riverbank, was raped before being murdered, police said.

The body of Brisma Rai alias Lumani was retrieved from the bank of local Chimchima River on the night of January 24. She was murdered after rape by 16-year-old Jeeudhan Rai of the same locality, police confirmed. The accused killed the girl shortly after her rape in a bid to hide his crime.

The accused in the beginning attempted to resist rape and intentional murder charges by giving a false statement that she died in an accident while playing. Later, he admitted to his crime before the police. Police have already had the post-mortem report about the case. According to police, the perpetrator is victim’s brother by relation and will be tried under the incest rape and murder charges. Locals describe the accused who is an orphan as alcoholic with ‘troubled’ characters.



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