Police start probe of ‘CJ’s threat to kill’

Setopati files

The police have started investigations after senior advocate Surendra Bhandari filed a complaint at the Kathmandu District Administration Office Wednesday morning demanding security claiming that Chief Justice (CJ) Gopal Parajuli has threatened to kill him.

The Metropolitan Police Kathmandu Range has instructed Metropolitan Police Baneshwore Circle to initiate investigations after the Kathmandu District Administration Office wrote to the Metropolitan Police Kathmandu Range to probe it.

“We have instructed Metropolitan Police Baneshwore Circle for necessary action,” Chief of Kathmandu Police SSP Rabindra Dhanuk told Setopati. Metropolitan Police Baneshwore Circle, that has been authorized to probe the incident, will seek call details of CJ Parajuli, according to police sources, and investigate whether Parajuli has threatened to kill senior advocate Bhandari or not.

Bhandari had fought the contempt of court case the Supreme Court (SC) slapped on Dr Govinda KC as the doctor’s main lawyer. The complaint filed by Bhandari mentions that Parajuli phoned Bhandari on the day pleadings on the case completed and threatened to kill him. Bhandari told Setopati that Parajuli had made a threatening call even after his article was published in Nagarik daily a few days back.

“He threatened to kill me over the phone on the day of pleadings. He again phoned and threatened me after that. A few persons arrived at my office yesterday and reportedly looked for me. My colleagues said they were saying ‘where is Surendra Bhandari. We know what to do with him.’ I don’t have animosity with others. I have now filed complaint at the District Administration Office demanding security as  CJ has threatened me over the phone,” Bhandari elaborated.



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