Five women rescued from India in past seven months

Five women have been rescued from being trafficked to various Indian places in the past seven months, said KI Nepal, an NGO working for rehabilitating trafficked girls and victims of domestic violence, which initiated the rescue.

Of them, the three who were rescued recently are taking shelter in KI Nepal rehabilitation center in Bharatpur, Chitwan, said the KI Nepal’s coordinator Kemika Ghimire. The names of the rescued girls were not disclosed for the sensitivity of the issue.

One of them was duped and left stranded in an Indian city by her husband, while another by an agent.

The third one was found captivated in a hotel in India after being repatriated from Dubai. She was sent to Dubai illegally through Indian route, said Ghimire.

The total 21 women,who were rescued from India in different times, are taking shelter in the KI Nepal rehabilitation center, said assistant accountant at the center Purnima Shrestha. Some of them are taking up various skill enhancing jobs, while others studying.



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