Construction of disabled-friendly physical infrastructures stressed

Various speakers have stressed that the state should build disabled-friendly physical infrastructures to create friendly environment for the persons with disabilities.

Speaking at a program organized by Karuna Foundation here Thursday, they said that physical infrastructure should be disabled-friendly for easy access to disabled persons at every sectors.

On the occasion, Chief of National Information Commission Krishna Hari Banskota said that disabled-friendly infrastructure would be built only if there is representation of persons with disabilities in the National Planning Commission.

He said, “Hospital, bus, aircraft, government offices and toilets as well as other physical infrastructures should be disabled-friendly.”

Similarly, President of Federation of Nepali Journalists, Govinda Acharya, said that it was necessary to carry out serious review in media regarding the issue of persons with disabilities while Nepal Press Council member Sangita Khadka stressed the need of implementing Directives related disabilities issued by Press Council to address the persons with disabilities.

On the occasion, a YouTube video was released for the welfare of the persons with disabilities.

Likewise, Foundation Chairperson Govinda Adhikari said that the organizing has carried out significant activities in the sector related to disabilities.



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