Businessman shot near District Police Office in Birgunj

A businessman in Birgunj has been shot by an unidentified group in Birgunj Wednesday night. Umesh Prasad Chaurasiya, 30, of Bidyabasini rural municipality 3, Parsa has been injured when two assailants on a motorcycle shot at him in Ranighat, Birgunj near the Consulate General of India.
Chaurasiya is a thread trader. He was walking to his house near the Consulate General of India from Power House, according to his nephew Deepak Prasad Chaurasiya. The place is hardly 100 meters away from District Police Office.
“The men on a motorcycle shot at my uncle. I was shocked. We then took uncle to the hospital,” he stated.
Chaurasiya has been referred to Kathmandu by Narayani Sub Regional Hospital as bleeding from his wound in the abdomen has not stopped.
Local businessmen have again been terrorized after the attack on a businessman on the eve of the festival of colors Holi.
Parsa Police said it is investigating the incident. SP Ganesh Regmi claimed that the police are looking for the assailants sealing all the exit points from Birgunj.



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