Indian jeep knocks down one

Mohan Chand, 45, of Bhimdutta municipality -6 of Kanchanpur died last night when a jeep with Indian number plate knocked him.

 The jeep (UK 037101) heading to Bhimduttanagar from Gaddachauki knocked down Chand while he was walking along the East-West Highway.

Search for the jeep is underway, said Kanchanpur District Police Office. The relatives of the deceased have not allowed removing the body demanding action against the jeep driver.

Meanwhile, pedestrian Bihari Roy, 45, of Dhanpalthan rural municipality-6, Morang died on the way to hospital for treatment. He sustained critical injuries when the motorbike (Ko 23 Pa 6167) hit him on the Rangeli Biratnagar road section in Dhanpalthan rural municipality last night.

The motorbike knocked him at around 11:30 pm on Thursday. Motorbike rider Saroj Urau of Katahari rural municipality-5, Morang also sustained injuries and is being treated at Koshi Zonal Hospital Biratnagar.



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