Police complaint filed against those involved in Ranipokhari reconstruction

Setopati files

Various stakeholders related to Ranipokhari reconstruction on Sunday have filed a police complaint demanding action against those involved in reconstruction.

As many as 30 stakeholders including Sanjay Adhikari, Aalok Siddhi Tuladhar and Shailesh Shakya, among others, collectively filed a complaint against those involved in Ranipokhari reconstruction stating that the reconstruction was carried out without coordinating with the stakeholders concerned, and in a way that can wipe out the significance of the pond.

They have complained claiming water of Ranipokhari was pumped out without coordinating with stakeholders and arguing that pebbles and dozers should not be used inĀ  reconstruction.

“The water of Ranipokhari had a special significance but no discussion was held with the experts while pumping it out. Dozers and pebbles have been used in construction which should not have been used. This is an act of wiping out the history related to Ranipokhari. We demand that this should be stopped and those found guilty should be punished,” Sanjay Adhikari, one of the stakeholders who filed the case, told Setopati.

Confirming that the complaint has been filed, spokesperson at the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Range DSP Mohan Thapa said that investigation into the case will be initiated.



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