Pollution test of vehicles taking place on the road

The Transport Management Service Office, Swayambhu has begun carrying out the smoke emission test of vehicles on the road itself.

The test was being carried out in the premises of the Office but it had to be shifted following the protest by the local residents. As a result, the pollution test of the vehicles coming to office is taking place on the ring road since Tuesday.

The Anandanagar Tol Sudhar Samiti demanded that the emission test be shifted elsewhere citing environment pollution as well as traffic jam, and hence it had to be shifted, nayab subba at the office Kaji Bahadur Giri said. The Office has been looking for space to rent to carry out the emission test but has not received a positive response from the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) yet.

Emission test of around 100 private vehicles are carried out through the office every day. The test is carried out for Rs 35 including for the green sticker for the vehicles that pass the test.



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