Shuklaphanta National Park to be showcased in painting

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Various sketch artists are working to capture the scene of Shuklaphanta National Park, and the surrounding human settlements in art.

The purpose of this move is to create awareness, and reduce the conflict between human and wild animals, said the artists’ team coordinator Sudarshan Bikram Rana.

The team includes 17 sketch artists including two foreigners from Nepal, India and Russia. The sketching will continue for 10 days. “We made a tour of the Park, and the surrounding human settlements. What the artists saw is being featured in the drawings,” said Rana. The arts will showcase natural scene of the Park, culture and lifestyles of the surrounding human settlements.

Each artist will make two paintings, and they will be donated to the Relief Fund for Wildlife Victims (RFWV). The painting makes is assisted by the RFWV, Fine Arts Campus, National Trust for Nature Conservation, World Wildlife Fund.

The artists’ team members include Sangit Shrestha, Lal Kaji Thapa, MB Gurung, Keshabraj Khanal, Pradip Rana, Kiran Sigu, Jasmani Rajbhandari, Rajan Pant, Sunita Rana, Pramit Dhakal, Surendra Desar and Rita Manandhar, and Prayush Das from India.



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