Venus and Jupiter conjunction: Sky-watchers in UK witness dawn display

This photo of the planetary display was taken near Alexandra Palace in London (TIM JILANI )

Jupiter and Venus- the two brightest planets in the Solar System – have appeared together in the morning sky on Monday.

These planets have been visible to the naked eye across the UK and countries in the mid-northern latitudes, including parts of the US.  In the UK, the best viewing time was 40 minutes before sunrise, but the planets began appearing before dawn.

According to, conjunctions happen when two planets share the same east-west longitude in the sky and Venus and Jupiter appear together in our sky around every 13 months.

Venus appeared larger and brighter due to its close proximity to Earth.

While the planets have been visible to the unaided eye, viewers using telescope are able to see Jupiter’s four Galilean moons. People in the UK have taken to social media to share their photos of the planetary display.




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